Grafipro Oy is a company specialising in aluminium and plastic composite materials. Our areas of expertise include the development, planning, production and sales of materials and components, as well as finished products.

We have customers in such sectors as road construction, environmental projects, gardening, sports facility provision, including golf courses and downhill skiing centres, but we also cater to domestic customers.

Products designed and manufactured by our company are

  • Grafipro sliding aluminium profiles
  • Grafipro sliding and rolling pieces and elements
  • Grafipro C-Series professional landscaping hand tools
  • Grafipro N-Series professional landscaping hand tools
  • GreenFinn hand tools

Due to 28 years of experience, we are familiar with the technical characteristics of aluminium, its manufacturing technology and different surface treatment methods. So if you have a question about aluminium – ask us, it does not cost anything!

You can become familiar with our newest ideas and products on this website, contact us through email or by filling in the contact form.

Company presentation