Durable Comfort Tools

Made in Finland


Meant for serious landscaping

Designed for professionals and serious raking. Our tools have been tested by tens of thousands of workers for more than twenty years. We only use the best materials to provide tools that will last for tough use in harsh conditions.


It's all about ergonomics

Designed for more productivity and less fatigue. Our tools are designed with the user in mind. We supply the longest and lightest (only 1,3-1,9 kg) tools combined with optimal angles to avoid awkward posture and to reduce discomfort.


Tailored for multi-purpose

Designed for flexibility. The modular design of the tools allows for 216 different options. The tools you can assemble are suitable for a wide range of purposes and users.

Green, black or white?

Make sure the product is right

Designed for multipurpose usage. Thanks to the ergonomic and robust design of our tools they will deliver results in various environments and for different material. Our tools are used, for instance, at construction sites, park landscaping, golf courses, and ski slopes.

Grafipro Oy is a company specialising in aluminium and plastic composite materials. Our areas of expertise include the development, planning, production and sales of materials and components, as well as finished products.

Due to 28 years of experience, we are familiar with the technical characteristics of aluminium, its manufacturing technology and different surface treatment methods. So if you have a question about aluminium – ask us, it does not cost anything!

by GrafiPro